RORO Ship Schedule

How to maximise a RoRo vehicle ship schedule



Most vehicles are transported into New Zealand using RoRo (roll-on roll-off) shipping, with only about 15% coming via containers. It’s one of the most convenient and cheapest ways to transport vehicles into New Zealand and it’s also one of the quickest. This is because vehicles can simply be driven onto and off the ship, rather than needing cranes to unload containers into which cars are loaded.

Car transportation companies like AUTOHUB can provide you with a RoRo shipping schedule when you enquire about shipping your vehicle with them. From this, they can determine the best shipping route and advise you on timings.

Not all ports in New Zealand and around the world can facilitate RoRo shipping, so your nearest port may not be the one your vehicle is shipped from or delivered to. If this is the case, your vehicle will be transported by road to or from your nearest RoRo port. This highlights the importance of having access to an up-to-date RoRo ship schedule.

What can affect a RoRo ship schedule?

While RoRo is a reliable way to transport vehicles overseas, like any logistical enterprise, disruptions can happen. This can be due to hold-ups at a port, which could limit a ship’s ability to dock and load or offload vehicles. There could also be delays on shipping routes, or a higher than usual demand for car shipping.

Recently, the demand for RoRo shipping has increased, with those who’ve traditionally shipped their vehicles via container ships switching to RoRo shipping instead. Coupled with the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus, this means there is extra demand, which can cause delays.

Sometimes delays can also be caused by the need for vehicles to comply with Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) biosecurity requirements, or shipping, border, or customs clearances in New Zealand. These checks and processes are required to legally allow cars into this country. Many other countries have similar requirements, which can complicate and delay the process of exporting vehicles into New Zealand.

Which ports in New Zealand are equipped for RoRo shipping?

As mentioned previously, not all ports can accommodate roll-on roll-off shipping, but four of New Zealand’s main ports do. These are Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, and Lyttleton. From these, your vehicle can be transported by road to its final destination.

How long does the RoRo process take?

This is largely dependent on where your vehicle is being shipped from. For example, it can take between four and 12 days to ship a vehicle between Australia and New Zealand, depending on the exact port of origin and destination. Shipping between Japan and New Zealand, on the other hand, can take anywhere between 13 and 23 days.

For more details about the shipping routes that AUTOHUB covers and to get an estimate of the cost and an indication of the RoRo ship schedule, get in touch with us today.