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Exporting a Vehicle from Australia to New Zealand

If you want to export a vehicle from Australia to New Zealand, AUTOHUB are the experts when it comes to exports! Here is everything you need to know when exporting a vehicle from Australia to New Zealand.

The first step is to check that your vehicle meets a range of approved standards before it can be registered for use on the road. Refer to the NZTA page – Used vehicles from Australia.

You will also be required to pay 15% customs GST on the total value of the vehicle. You can calculate this by adding the declared value of the vehicle to the total cost of international freight (CIF) and multiplying this by 15%.

This amount may be reduced, depending on how long you have owned the car. NZ Customs has decided that, from 1 March 2020, they will follow the straight line rate used by Inland Revenue where depreciation is applicable when valuing imported used vehicles.

“The rates used by Inland Revenue are based on the determined estimated useful life of the vehicle. Inland Revenue (IR) allows a straight-line depreciation formula. The current IR depreciation rate for passenger motor vehicles personally owned and used overseas by the importer for more than three months is 21% (residual value of 25%)(per year, or apportioned for part year), and the depreciation rate for campervans is 13.5% per year.

The rates can be found on the Inland Revenue website – search for “General depreciation rates – IR 265”.—ir299/ir265/ir265-october-2022.pdf?modified=20221104034942&modified=20221104034942

Criteria For GST Exemption on Imported Cars

Please go to:

You will also need to apply for a customs client code. Please fill in the required form and return to Autohub NZ Ltd:


For the Trade:

 Here at AUTOHUB, we take care of motor vehicle traders who use our services regularly. Over 1,100 importers choose AUTOHUB for their vehicle shipping and to provide trade rates, we require a genuine Motor Vehicle Traders Register (RMVT) number.

 AUTOHUB Services

 Our vehicle trader services include:

      • A total logistics package from selling agent to compliance
      • Regular vessels monthly Australia to major NZ ports
      • Full insurance Australia to NZ, while in our care provided survey facilities are available
      • Volume rebated discounts
      • Rewards points for every car shipped
      • Email notice of ETA the day shipping is booked by your agent
      • Email alert if there is a change of ETA
      • Online track and trace
      • Online invoice history
      • Secure credit card payments online and by phone
      • Guaranteed fixed price for mobile passenger cars under 20cu.m.

Note: Extra charges are incurred for vehicles over 20cu.m, non running / non drivable cars.

Email or call to discuss your requirements, or “Request a Quote” online.

 AUTOHUB Rewards Program

AUTOHUB rewards our trade customers with great service and competitive pricing and we recognise volume and loyalty.

Find out more about the AUTOHUB Trade Rewards Programme.

 AUTOHUB volume rebates

AUTOHUB recognises Registered Motor Vehicle Traders who ship larger volumes by offering an open and defined system for lower charges. We do this by offering a volume discount on vehicles shipped.

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