Transit Insurance for Vehicle Shipping

Total Loss Cover and D2D Package / Transit Insurance

 AUTOHUB’s D2D Package Transit Insurance overview:

AUTOHUB is able to offer Transit Insurance for vehicles that are shipped via an Autohub full package service and undergo a detailed Condition Survey upon
receipt at our pre-export facilities and again prior to being handed over to the receiving party.

This ensures that all parties have a clearly established view of vehicle condition at the port of our receiving it, and any damage or loss that may occur
while the vehicle is in Autohub ‘care and control’.

Condition Survey reports are available to you via your “My Autohub” as soon as they are uploaded to our system, or available upon request if not uploaded
due to timing or any supply market issues**.

FOR VEHICLES THAT DO NOT QUALIFY FOR TRANSIT INSURANCE (see below), they are automatically covered by our TOTAL LOSS COVER in all cases. In such cases, you are free to arrange additional cover through an insurer of your choice at your expense if you wish. Please advise us as soon as possible if you have done this.

Should you wish to ship a vehicle which is modified (outside of manufacturers build specs), or a vehicle in damaged or non running condition, then you may not be fully covered. We advise that you contact us prior to shipping and discuss the situation. Should you not be satisfied with the level of
cover we can provide, we again suggest you make your own arrangements.

FOR VEHICLES THAT DO QUALIFY FOR TRANSIT INSURANCE (see below), they are subject to conditions as set out below. Please familiarise yourself
with these.

Your vehicles are covered under Institute Cargo Clauses A which provides cover for all risks of loss or damage to the vehicle, including theft of parts
and/or accessories off the vehicle during transit* but subject to the Terms and Conditions below.

Cover commences from the point where AUTOHUB takes care and control of your vehicle, and continues during the transit until the vehicle is delivered out of our care, at the first nominated local delivery address supplied to us , or when discharged at Port and our services have been completed.

Excess – there is no excess payable by the Claimant, however, Claims have to meet the Claim Value Threshold to be valid.
(Please see Table 1)

Dangerous Goods – Often clients will wish to ship spare parts, loose items or personal effects inside vehicles (please see Inclusions below). Autohub will not ship any such items if they are classed as “Dangerous Goods” (or “DG”). These include things like car batteries, airbags, pyrotechnic seat belts and other such devices, chemicals, aerosols, in vehicles. If you have any doubt as to whether an item may be classed as “DG”, please inquire BEFORE shipping. Autohub reserve the right to have DG items removed and disposed of prior to shipping if required. Any disposal costs incurred by Autohub will be at the expense of the shipper.

*Claims will only be accepted if the value of the damage or theft meets or exceeds the Claim value threshold.

**There are some vehicles that may not be able to undergo a survey. In such instances, Claims in relation to these are considered on a case by case basis. We are also able to obtain full transit cover for low volume vehicle shipments/low volume destinations. Such insurance will be priced on a case by case basis and if required by the customer, will be charged in addition to the shipping package price.

AUTOHUB Transit Insurance cover is underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance.

Please note that any Claims should be forwarded to


Transit Insurance Covers:

  • Fire, Theft, Accidental Damage of vehicle only .
  • Total Loss on board, and General Averages claims
  • Theft of Audio – up to a set value (Please see Table 2)
  • Fitted wheels (including spare wheel)
  • Original factory gear shift lever knob
  • Replacement “smart” keys, or Electronic Remote Keys, if lost in our care.


It DOES NOT cover:

  • The vehicle while in the care and control of the Shipper Vendor, Agent, or their suppliers/transporters.
  • The vehicle once it leaves our care and control ( If an importer engages transport from port, then any damage, or loss must be reported to Autohub
    prior to removal from Port).
  • Electrical/Mechanical issues or failure (unless definitive proof of negligence while in AUTOHUB care and control is supplied by Claimant).
  • Damage caused by (or attributed to) vehicle modification including but not limited to lowered vehicle ride height, aftermarket aero body parts/panels,
    wheels, etc.
  • Damage, theft, or loss to vehicles or vehicle parts where the vehicle is purchased as “Damaged” and shipped in an unrepaired state.
  • Damage caused by (or attributed to) Stevedores or Agents where vehicles are determined to require towing or fork lifting to load or unload vessels
    in an expedient manner.
  • Loss of any Vehicle value after any repair claim, or loss of potential buyer.
  • Betterment. We are only liable to bring vehicle back to purchase condition.
  • Any after-market equipment or fittings including Stereo or Navigation systems.(unless specifically notified before shipping)
  • SD or SIM Cards, or equipment rendered inoperable by the absence of SD or SIM Cards.
  • Inclusions
  • Damage caused by inclusions inside vehicles.
  • Damage of value below the Claim Value Threshold.
  • Rust, oxidisation, and discolouration.
  • Incidental costs.
  • Excludes third party liability.
  • Any claims whatsoever for glazing cracks and/or damage if any pre-existing chips and/or damage is noted on the auction sheet or Autohub Gate In Survey.
  • Any claims for loss or damages including total losses resulting from Natural Disasters.



In order for Autohub to accept a Claim, you must:

  • Have vehicles shipped via an AUTOHUB D2D package service, or purchased full transit insurance seperately if not shipped via this package service.
  • Have paid for the vehicle and services in full.
  • Notify AUTOHUB NZ as soon as possible, but within 7 days of vehicle arrival on +64 (09) 412 2540, or via email
  • Have a completed Claim Form returned within 14 days of vehicle arrival.
  • Not claim for minor damage / loss, or items of value which are less than the Claim Value Threshold.
  • Not commence any repair or replacement without AUTOHUB NZ written approval.
  • Supply any and all information we have requested to evaluate the claim.



  • Download a Claim Form from the website, or Contact AUTOHUB as soon as possible, and we will email through a claim form.
  • Complete the form and email along with the information listed below:
  • Evidence of the vehicle condition prior to export (photos, inspection reports etc)
  • Photos of the damage/missing item
  • 2 written independent quotes for repair/replacement
  • Copy of the vehicle auction sheet (if applicable)
  • Copy of the local Transporter delivery docket
  • Any additional information that may assist with your Claim
  • REMEMBER – It is up to YOU to provide irrefutable evidence of loss or damage whilst the vehicle was in our care and control.

AUTOHUB reserves the right to:

  • Negotiate payment settlement.
  • Supply parts from its own sources.
  • Direct the repairs to be undertaken at any designated repair workshop.
  • Limit payment to the same amount as a subsequent independent company quotation as sourced.
  • Return a vehicle only to its quoted condition at time of purchase.
  • Reduce payment amount where betterment results / new items fitted.
  • Decline those parts of claims for “service items, fuel, grooming, etc”.
  • Decline an invalid claim.
  • Decline claims for mechanical or electrical faults.
  • Decline any claim, with insufficient, or incomplete information.
  • Decline any claim that has not been filed or completely filed within the required time frame
  • Decline any claim, which contains false/ altered content or statement.
  • Decline any claim, where evidence of the claimed matter is deemed to be ‘pre-existing’.



In our ‘care and control’
From the time the vendor hands the vehicle over to either an Autohub export facility, appointed agent or appointed collection agent until, the buyer,
or his appointed receiving agent takes control of the vehicle.
Accidental Damage
Damage resulting from action which was not planned or deliberate.
Actions resulting in damage where lack of care is the cause.
Vehicle parts, personal effects, loose items, placed inside a vehicle for shipping.
Total Loss
Invoice cost plus freight and charges incidental to shipment plus 15%.
effecting repairs or replacement that results in the vehicle condition or value being greater than at time of purchase.
Dangerous Goods
These include (but are not limited to) things like car Batteries, airbags, pyrotechnic seat belts and other such devices, chemicals, aerosols.
Incidental Costs
Any direct or indirect costs associated with obtaining vehicle repair quotations, replacement parts (i.e. travel costs, time, inconvenience and such).
Fitted Wheels
Wheels fitted to the vehicle (including one spare), not loose wheels inside of the vehicle.
After-market equipment or fittings
Any fixtures, fittings or replacement parts that are not fitted by the manufacturer. Where there may be doubt as to whether an item is “after market”
or “factory fitted”, the onus is upon the Claimant to provide undisputable proof.
Claim Value Threshold
There is no Excess payable for Claims under this scheme. Instead, there is a minimum value any claim has to meet or exceed in order to be eligible.
This value differs from market to market. Claim Value threshold figures can be found below in Table 1. Claim Value Thresholds Table 1 values lists the Claim Value Threshold for any Claim raised in the receiving market.
Natural Disaster

A major adverse event resulting from natural processes of the Earth; examples include firestormsduststormsfloodshurricanestornadoesvolcanic eruptionsearthquakestsunamisstorms, and other geologic processes.

Example (Table 1): If a vehicle arrives in NZ and has incurred damage whilst in Autohub care and control, the threshold would be $250+ GST NZD.

Table 1:

Country Currency Cars, vans, SUVs Caravans
New Zealand NZD $250 + gst $500 + gst
Australia AUD $250 + gst $500 + gst
United Kingdom £ Sterling £250 + VAT £500 + VAT
Japan JPY ¥25,000 ¥50,000


Audio reimbursement maximum payouts (Table 2): Due to the wide range of in-car audio visual equipment options and the varying levels of risk of theft or damage, we have been left with no choice but to set the following maximum reimbursement levels for Claims in this area. Again, these levels are applicable to Claims raised in the receiving market.

Table 2:

Country Currency Cost
New Zealand NZD $500 + gst
Australia AUD $500 + gst
United Kingdom £ Sterling £400 + VAT
Japan JPY ¥10,000