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AUTOHUB™ is unique. We don’t sell or buy cars.

Instead, we offer the easiest way to import and export your vehicle. We can take care of all associated processes involved “door to door” with one fixed price. You gain all the benefits of Large Company negotiated discounts, with no guesswork, and no worries. You can focus on your day to day, and leave us to do what we specialise in, getting vehicles from “A to B” securely, efficiently, at the lowest possible cost.

As a result of our focus on vehicle logistics and car transport, AUTOHUB™ has been recognized as one of the world’s best motor vehicle logistics companies and has been awarded the prestigious Supply Chain Partnership Award at the 2012 LLOYDS GLOBAL FREIGHT AWARDS.

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About Us

AUTOHUB™ believe in a policy of “make it simple” with a service you can depend on, using a team of experienced staff in NZ, Aus, Japan, Singapore and the UK.

Our Services Autohub

Our Services

AUTOHUB™ has offices across the globe to facilitate global vehicle shipping and logistics for a large array of local and international importers and exporters.



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Why Choose Us?

Vehicle Import/Export – Made Easy!

Taking care of your vehicle at both import and export, AUTOHUB™ is experienced in all aspects of the worldwide vehicle import/export process. With staff in Japan, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and Singapore, AUTOHUB™ are trusted by thousands of car dealers and individual buyers/sellers for their global vehicle shipping and logistics needs.

AUTOHUB™ work equally for both the buyer (importer) and the seller (exporter) offering total security and ensuring a smooth transaction. While importing or exporting a vehicle may seem like a complicated process, with many hoops to jump through, having an experienced team like AUTOHUB™ behind you will make for a no stress car transport experience – easy!



See What Our Clients Have To Say

Brian Wright

Smithburn Motors


We use Autohub for our vehicle logistics both from Japan and the United Kingdom. It’s a one stop shop and saves us as a small business a lot of time not having to deal with multiple suppliers. 

Kyoko A.



Thanks for your great customer service, we don’t get this kind of first response anywhere else.

Thank you so much. 

Clement. N



Thank you for your excellent customer service care, you made it all sound easy and effectively answered my queries.

My contacts are as per below and I will be looking forward to hearing more from you closer to the ETA of the vehicle.


B & Z Trades


We have always enjoyed a good working relationship with Autohub over the years.

They have teams that are always attentive and quick to solve any queries or questions I may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there much difference in import regulations for the country of destinations?

All countries have specific importation rules and regulations; please go onto our route navigator to see specific information on each country of destination.

Can I buy vehicles from AUTOHUB?

AUTOHUB is unique. We don’t sell or buy cars. Instead we offer the easiest way to ship your cars into (and out of) many parts of the world.
We can take care of all associated processes involved “door to door” with one fixed price. You gain all the benefits of Large Company negotiated discounts, with no guesswork, and no worry.

What is your D2D process?

Receive the vehicle at one of our Export Centres, survey vehicle condition upon arrival and photograph, pre-export clearance process, ship, collect from port of discharge, transport to your specified commercial address or vehicle Compliance Centre.

How do you ship the vehicles?

We use a range of methods and a variety of shipping lines, offering you the maximum number of sailings to the maximum number of ports.

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