Car Shipping NZ

A quick rundown of car shipping into New Zealand


If you’re looking to ship cars into or out of New Zealand, you’ll want to find the most cost-effective and convenient way to get your vehicles from point A to B. There’s a lot to consider, including how much it costs, the best transportation method, and how to choose the ideal transportation partner to get your vehicles safely to their destination.

We explore some of these considerations below.

How much does car shipping in NZ cost?

Car shipping prices vary based on a number of factors: the distance travelled, the type of transportation method (i.e. Roll On Roll Off (RORO) or container), and additional costs like GST/VAT, custom clearance costs and insurance.

But, besides the right price, having a reliable car transport company that suits your needs is critical. And, well established, reputable companies are also often able to negotiate better pricing to pass onto their customers.

AUTOHUB, for example, offers a ‘Fixed price D2D’ service which takes the guesswork out of transportation costs. You select the origin and destination of your vehicle, and AUTOHUB takes care of the rest. By consolidating the end-to-end process into one overall package, AUTOHUB has also been able to negotiate better prices for their customers by offering volume business to suppliers.

What are car shipping prices and what are the cheapest car transport NZ options?

The cheapest car shipping option into New Zealand is on a RORO ship. . Here, vehicles are driven onto the ship and secured for transport. Once at the destination port, they’re driven off and processed to be taken on to their final destination.

Not only is this type of transportation more cost-effective, it also tends to be faster than container shipping. 

How to make best use of car shipping companies in NZ

When it comes to choosing the right company to transport vehicles in or out of New Zealand, you want to choose one that is based locally and has experience dealing with both the local and international ports.

While other car shipping companies in New Zealand focus only on transporting vehicles domestically, AUTOHUB specialises in international car transportation and handles the process from beginning to end. With experienced contacts and teams located across the UK, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia, as well as New Zealand, AUTOHUB is the only New Zealand car transport company that can look after your vehicles in both import and export countries – giving you peace of mind that they’re in good hands.

We are one of the top NZ car shipping companies

If you’re interested in learning more about AUTOHUB’s service, or how much it may cost to transport your vehicle, get in touch.