Car logistics

We’re here to make car logistics easy


If you work in the automotive industry in New Zealand, you’ll know first-hand there is plenty to stay on top of. You certainly don’t want to add more stress and time to your day organising and worrying about the logistics of car transportation.

AUTOHUB are experts in car logistics and our services are designed to take the stress and hassle out of vehicle transportation, so you can focus on other, more important, things that are closer to home.

Here are a few ways AUTOHUB stands out in the New Zealand car logistics industry:

We have years of experience in car logistics

Not only are we experienced in car logistics – shipping cars safely from one place to another – but many of our people have been in the motor industry for years, including as licensed motor vehicle dealers. This means they understand your needs and concerns intimately when it comes to shipping your cars.

We are international

Not only does AUTOHUB have offices right here in New Zealand but we also have people on the ground in countries on our major shipping routes, like Australia, Japan, the UK, and Singapore. This means you don’t even need to land vehicles into or ship them out of New Zealand, we can transport your vehicle direct between any of these locations.

We offer a comprehensive, all-inclusive service

We can offer whatever service level you require to ship your cars where they need to go. We provide a quality door-to-door car logistics service that looks after the entire process for you.

Our services include:

  • Surveying the vehicle’s condition on arrival
  • Taking photographs to prove condition
  • Pre-export clearance
  • Shipping
  • Collecting the vehicle from the port of discharge
  • Transporting the vehicle to your specified address or vehicle compliance centre.

We can also offer fixed-priced shipping, so once your car is booked and paid for, there’s nothing else for you to worry about.

We work with importers and exporters

No matter which side of the transaction you’re on, we can help get your car to its final destination safely and securely. If you’ve purchased a vehicle overseas, we can work directly with the seller to collect and ship the vehicle to you. We just need proof of purchase and the seller’s contact details so we can arrange pickup.

If you’re based overseas and want to export vehicles to New Zealand, the service is essentially the same. Just let us know whether you or the buyer will be paying for the shipping and provide the final destination – we’ll take it from there.

We offer total security

AUTOHUB can arrange full insurance cover, including during transits, which gives you total security and peace of mind when shipping a vehicle. Our fixed price also guarantees you won’t be hit with any hidden costs. By working closely with our network of suppliers, we can negotiate extremely cost-effective car logistics packages for our clients.

The logistics of transporting your vehicle don’t need to be difficult. Ask AUTOHUB to manage your vehicle logistics process from start to finish – we guarantee you’ll enjoy complete security and peace of mind, so you can concentrate on your business.

Talk to AUTOHUB today about how we can help with your car transportation logistics.